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To all of Mobilitat's Customers,

Business plans are living documents that require thought and very detailed tasks if a business owner expects a plan to come together. In the early years of Mobilitat, the daily focus was on developing the perfect software to ensure that more butts would be in our seats. As the company matured, marketing and cash flow were the monthly challenges. We grew because our customers supported us with as much fervor as we supported them. You were our sales staff and I can't thank you all enough. Mobilitat has grown financially, but most importantly the company has developed a great reputation with our customers, business partners, and friends.

Mobilitat's exit strategy

It is now time to implement the details of our Business Plan's exit strategy. Over the last 15 years, I have received several offers to purchase Mobilitat. The timing has never been right. Sometimes the offers came in too early in Mobilitat's life cycle, and I was not ready to let go. Sometimes the culture of the other company was not a good fit. Sometimes Mobilitat was undervalued. On my 60th birthday a couple of years ago, retirement thoughts began to take root in the very back of my brain, and I knew it was time to think about merging with another company. I came up with two inflexible conditions for an exit strategy:

  • Our clients would never notice the difference in customer service.
  • All employees would be comfortable as part of the new company.

What was the decision?

After a long courtship with Syncromatics, the Mobilitat employees agreed to join the Syncromatics team. I will stay on as the president of Syncromatics’ paratransit division and will have a seat on Syncromatics' board of directors. By establishing a dedicated division for paratransit, we will ensure that legacy. Mobilitat clients will not notice a difference in customer service. The best part is that ALL Mobilitat employees have agreed to join me to continue serving our transit systems and ultimately fellow bus riders. Could the news get any better than this?

YES, Even Better News

In addition to the current Easy Rides technology, now we can offer our customers a Fixed Route technology solution as well. Just think, one MDT unit, one contract, one vendor who will take responsibility for your system, and loads of new technology that will be gleaned from this combined company.

Who is Syncromatics?

Syncromatics is a California based transit technology company that has historically focused on fixed route operations. We have been working as partners for more than a year, and our technologies already work side by side at a number of transit agencies. Syncromatics provides fixed route CAD/AVL, real time passenger information, automatic passenger counters, next stop announcement systems, Wi-Fi, and other SmartBus technologies. Syncromatics serves more than 40 transit operations across the United States, and last year became a majority owned subsidiary of GMV, a global leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems based in Madrid, Spain. Find out more at [](

I hope you are as happy about this news as I am. If you have any questions, comments or you just want to hear it directly from my mouth feel free to give me a call at 307-871-4916 or 307-875-1893.

Mobilitat - Makers of Easy Rides

Paratransit Dispatching and Scheduling Software

Mobilitat develops paratransit dispatching and scheduling software products for municipal and private paratransit and demand response systems. Committed to delivering the best in Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS), Mobilitat's Easy Rides Software Suite was created to be intuitive to the user and fully scalable to a transit system. Mobilitat Easy Rides is currently installed in more than 180 agencies and continuously growing. We are a U.S.- based privately held company with the ability to deploy our software anywhere in the world. Contact us to see how we can help you optimize your transit system.

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