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Our Story

Founded in 1998 by Cindy Johnson, Mobilitat develops dispatching and scheduling software products for municipal and private paratransit systems. Committed to delivering the best in Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS), Mobilitat's Easy Rides Software Suite was created to be intuitive to the user and fully scalable to a transit system. Mobilitat Easy Rides is currently deployed in more than 120 agencies and continuously growing. Mobilitat is headquartered in Green River, Wyoming, with seven employees working virtually in three states.

Mobilitat's greatest resource is the dedication we have to our clients. Their success is our success.

Cindy Johnson

President Para-Transit Division
Cindy Johnson started Mobilitat after she left the directorship of a Wyoming rural transit provider where she had provided 15 years of service. She met with developers both at the University of Wyoming and Utah State University to expand on her idea of making an affordable easy to use software for small para-transit systems. Cindy knew that many caring professionals were spending too much time hand tabulating data for reports to different funding sources that had different requirements. Her hands-on experience, and keen understanding of both the transit customer and the transit provider helped to design a transportation software that is easy to learn and easy to operate.

Cindy is in the office between 6Am and 11PM Mountain Time. Her cell phone is: (307) 871-4916

Paul Gardner

Director of Training & Support
Since his start in transportation in 1991, Paul Gardner has worked in nearly every capacity from Driver to Director of Operations and many roles in between. He has developed a host of customized software solutions for rural and specialized transportation providers, assisted in several new transit startups and has provided training and technical assistance to transportation service providers nation-wide since the mid 1990s. Paul began as a contracted employee to Mobilitat in 2001 when he began providing training and support to nearly all Easy Rides customers from 2001 to early 2007. Now Paul is thrilled to be back on board as a regular full-time employee in his role as Director of Training & Support. Paul’s commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail and good-natured personality are well suited for his role assisting Mobilitat’s customers. His broad range of experience in operations and administration coupled with in-depth knowledge of Easy Rides provide him the skills needed to leverage all of our software’s features to improve accuracy and efficiency of your organization’s transportation program.

Paul is in the office between 8AM and 5PM Pacific Time. His cell phone is: (307) 871-3593

Cliff Hales

Director of Customer Services
Cliff graduated from Utah State University in Computer Science in 2005. He studied web programming languages, databases and data oriented application design. His previous work involved web site design and maintenance and customer service in the web hosting industry. He currently oversees customer support, training, testing, and maintains our website.

Cliff is in the office between 6AM and 3PM Pacific Time. His cell phone is: (307) 871-1032

Michael Pryzgocki

Michael Przygocki graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2014 with degrees in Physics and Computer Science. Since then he has worked in web development on a variety of projects and spent time in system administration managing computer clusters for academic research. Michael is new to the transportation industry but has extensive experience with application development, server management, and a variety of programming languages. Michael is used to tackling complex programming challenges, from administrator and 3rd-party authentication to management and security of personal and financial data, as well as managing software from concept design to maintenance and support; he is excited to apply these skills with Mobilitat and is looking forward to helping us continue to offer great products and support.

Adriana Irving

888-806-6595 ext 801

Office Manager
Adriana is originally from Idaho, where she worked in the building industry and the public school systems. The booming oil and gas economy brought her and her family to The State of Wyoming. Mobilitat has given her the opportunity to get to learn about the transit industry and work in an exciting and fast paced office. “Thank you Mobilitat customers for making me feel welcome and I look forward to working with you. “ – Adriana Irving

Adriana is in the office between 8AM and 5PM Mountain Time. Her cell phone is: (307) 871-7977