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Calendar Notes in Easy Rides

2017-06-21 16:28:11
Did you know you can add calendar notes in Easy Rides and depending on the name of the note, you can prevent trips being booked on that day?  This is especially nice on those No Service holidays because you won't get any trips booked for that day by mistake.

Here's how to set it up:
Open the ERUtility and go to the Tools menu then Calendar Notes.

In the editor, click the Plus button to add a row, set the date and name the note.  You can rename an existing note or change the date to next year when the date is passed.  It's usually handy to add or update the whole year's notes at the beginning of the year.

If the name of the Note starts with "No Service" (without the quotes), it will prevent the date from being used when editing or creating a trip - It is case sensitive.  After making your calendar notes restart Easy Rides if it is currently running.

If it's a No Service note then the trip form looks like the one below and the user cannot click the OK button while the No Service date is selected.

If the note is for information only, the trip can be booked on that day, but there is a calendar note icon (yellow exclamation) next to the day of the week above the date selector.  If you hover your mouse over it, you can read the note.  The one below is for information only, and trips can still be booked for that day.