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Mobilitat News

Coastal Trans of Maine in the New York Times

2011-11-17 00:00:00
Coastal Trans, one of our earlier Easy Rides customers in Maine was highlighted in the New York Times!Read about innovative ideas and about Coastal Trans’ role in improving transportation and responding to rider’s needs here.

Easy Rides 3.2.2 Released

2011-11-07 00:00:00
Easy Rides 3.2.2 released:
* Enhanced Client Search
* Client form changes
* New method for selecting trips, more like other windows applications
* Requested or ‘draft’ trips
* Auto-scheduler ‘avoid areas’
* Reports enhancements 
* many more!
See details on changes and instructions for updating here

Ryde Transit Recognized

2011-11-07 00:00:00
RYDE Transit of Kearney, NE, received the Award of Excellence – Rural Public Transportation System of the Year in Nebraska for Fiscal Year 2011 (122,175 passenger boarding’s) and was also awarded the Rural Transit Excellence Award for the Largest Percentage Increase in Passenger Boarding’s (30.6%) among the Nebraska Rural Transportation Providers for 2009-2010. Congratulations to all the staff at RYDE Transit, and thank you for all the hard work you do!

July 2011 Newsletter Available

2011-11-07 00:00:00
You can download our latest newsletter here.You can view past newsletters on our Newsletter Archive Page.

DeKalb Area Rural Public Transit

2011-03-21 00:00:00
Earlier in February, I had the privilege of traveling to Auburn, Indiana to “Go Live” with DeKalb Area Rural Transit (DART). DART provides public transit, medical and senior service rides in and out of DeKalb County, Indiana. They have migrated from an in-house developed scheduling system to Easy Rides Basic. I worked primarily with Jenny Shipe (Transportation Specialist), Sally Moughler (Scheduler/Dispatcher), Roxann Shireman (Scheduler/Dispatcher), and a little with Bob Burris (Driver) and Patti McGill (Billing Specialist) and Meg Zenk (Executive Director).As I oftentimes experience with new customers, the office staff at DART were rather apprehensive about this significant change in how they schedule and dispatch. I have the advantage and experience of knowing that “Go Live” isn’t going to be the chaos that people imagine it to be. That’s one of the reasons it’s always fun for me to go On-Site for the Live implementation of Easy Rides and watch all of our work come together. It was especially rewarding to see Sally’s excitement on the first day as things clicked into place and she grew more confident in using Easy Rides – she was excited! By the second day, she gave up on trying to keep the old paper system up to date.One of the tasks that we were able to eliminate is filling out and printing Medicaid forms. I was able to automate the entire process so that they just need to enter the date and print off all of the completed forms for all Drivers & Clients at once and ready for signature and submission. Also, the trips requiring a Medicaid form on each Driver’s manifest are marked with a red “Medicaid” and the forms also have the Driver’s name and route information so they can be quickly and easily matched. That daily process alone was reduced from about fifteen minutes or more to less than one minute, and makes it easier for the billing person to spot those trips on the paperwork.Thanks to the Executive Director/Transportation Director Meg Zenk, and all of the Drivers and staff at DART. I especially want to thank Jenny Shipe and Sally Moughler for all of their hard work and dedication towards making this project a success. Welcome to the Mobilitat family!