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Easy Rides Integrated

Easy Rides Integrated can be customized to suit your needs. We offer the ability to add MDCs from multiple vendors, or cost effective tablets to act as electronic manifests. We also offer an Electronic Ride reminder tool, customized electronic billing and remittance to medicaid and other funders, electronic trip import and other custom features to meet your exact needs.


Mobilitat offers the ability to use inexpensive tablets as electronic manifests, provided much of the benefit of MDCs at a fraction of the cost.

Mobile Data Computers

Mobilitat can integrate with either Mentor or Clever Devices mobile data computers, allowing you to use the full capabilities of these ruggedized devices, including integrating external swipe card reader and other peripheral devices.

Ride Reminder

We all know that sometimes passengers forget when they’ve scheduled a ride. With Ride Reminder, you can easily call up to several hundred clients in a matter of minutes, to remind them of their next scheduled pickup.

Ride Request

Mobilitat can develop a simple website, matching the theme of your current website, that allows your clients to log in, request new rides and see the status of upcoming scheduled rides. This can save precious time for your scheduling staff. Rest assured that all trip requests can be reviewed by your staff before being put on the schedule to make sure all trip request data is accurate.

Customized Electronic Billing

In a perfect world, we would all have the funding we need to provide transportation service to those who need it. Until then, we have to produce complex reports and submit them to funders, wait for the results to come back, and then look through all the records to see what was paid and what wasn’t. Mobilitat has developed custom tools for submitting electronic billing records to medicaid systems, and electronic remittance tools to automatically match up what records are paid, and which are not. This can save dozens of tedious hours a month, and allow you to focus on correcting unpaid trips and resubmitting them, maximizing your funding.

Easy Rides Integrated Workstation Hardware and Software Requirements

Easy Rides Integrated can have varying requirements depending on the configuration. Please refer to the requirement in Easy Rides Plus, and consult with Mobiltiat Staff to determine your needs.