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Easy Rides 3.3.18 Release Notes

Released 8/20/2018

Easy Rides 3.2.12

Released 8/1/2014

Easy Rides 3.2 Release 12 new features:

Batch Scheduling Enhancements

The Batch Scheduler has been enhanced to better find trips that could be paired together. If a folder named "Log" exists in the same folder as Easy Rides, batch scheduling operations will be logged to that folder to better explain the decisions the scheduler made.

Tablet Signature Reporting

Easy Rides reports now support printing of electronic signatures collected from tablets.

Tablet Signatures

Other Important Features:

  • Routes added in the Utility will automatically show in Easy Rides without a restart if a trip is assigned to the new route.
  • Trip Import enhancements.
  • Rides Analyzer exports .portal files for submitting completed trips to the Easy Rides Provider Portal.
  • Planner board: Pool column stays visible when scrolling across routes.
  • Improve performance of Update Rerun Addresses action.

Easy Rides 3.2.10

Released 4/2/2014

Easy Rides 3.2 Release 10 new features:

Emergency Procedures Button

A good way to be prepared for an emergency is to create a checklist of everything that needs to be done if something goes wrong. Easy Rides now has a convenient button that can be configured to open an emergency procedures file. Emergency Proceedures

Tablet Enhancements

Tablet Signatures

The Easy Rides driver interface now has an optional paid add-on that allows driver to collect digital signatures from each client. Collected signatures can be displayed on the trip form in Easy Rides. Contact Mobilitat staff for a demonstration.

Tablet Signatures
  • Tablets now have an emergency button to alert dispatch of any issues.

Default Trip Times

You can now set the default time value for a trip ticket to something other than 2310. To do this, go to Easy Rides Utility, click Global Options -> Configuration. There is a spot to enter the preferred default time for all of your trips. Note: The setting will apply after your next restart of Easy Rides.

Other Important Features:

  • Improve route assignment error handling.
  • Improve Trip Ticket Import handling.
  • Trip Import now sets client defaults for new clients.
  • Improved how Age Groups are handled in Trip Archive.
  • Improve performance of Update Rerun Addresses action.
  • Client Mailing Address allows special characters.

Easy Rides 3.2.8

Released 10/11/2013

Easy Rides 3.2 Release 8 new features:

Added Support for Walk-on Trips via Tablets

Users of the Easy Rides Tablet based driver manifest can now configure a tab to allow for recording of anonymous, walk-on passengers. Contact Mobilitat to learn more and for assistance configuring the feature. Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.06.13 PM

Other Important Features:

  • Log Odometer and time formatting changes to allow reviewing logs by route.
  • Added new Route Constraints to support Walk-on feature
  • Enhancements to ERWebServer
  • Many enhancements to Trip Import Feature
  • Added database indexed to improve performance
  • Fixed Refresh and Route Assignment issues
  • Changed how Ride Reminder to sends dates in SMS Messages
  • Holding the shift key while making all trips hot will now include gap tickets.

Easy Rides 3.2.6

Released 5/06/2013

Easy Rides 3.2 Release 6 new features:

Client Credits and Coupons

Easy Rides now has an add on module to allow for tracking client credits. This would allow your agency to allocate a number of credits that a client can use for trips and would allow for riders paying in advance for trips. When you add a trip for a client the trip form will show how much they have left in a particular account such as “Cash” or “Direct Bill” in both actual credits used by delivered trips and credits that are anticipated to be used by the future trips they have scheduled.

This feature requires some training, and possibly custom reports. Please contact Mobilitat for further details and pricing.


Ride Reminder supports sending SMS Messages.

Ride Reminder now supports sending SMS Messages. You can set this on a per client basis, with the “Prefer SMS” check box on the client record. You will need to configure an SMS message, to be sure it is under 160 characters. Ride Reminder now also supports calling a client a 2nd time if you need to send a service cancellation message. Simply check the box labeled “List Clients who have already been called” to add them back.

Improved Error messages

When Easy Rides encounters an error, you will now have a Send button allowing you to automatically email Mobilitat staff with a detailed report. If you encounter this, you can include details of what operation was being performed when the error occurred to help us correct the error as quickly as possible. ERidesError

Improved timestamp handling.

Easy Rides now knows that if a timestamp occurs before the preceding timestamp, it should actually be for the next day. This is helpful for trips that are operating past midnight, where a pickup may be at 11:45 PM and a drop off at 12:05 or to help identify a possible mistake. The moon icon indicates that the timestamp will fall on the next day.


Rerun Changes

Suppress reruns can set the ‘blocked’ trip code on existing trips. The means that when you suppress a rerun, if you select days that have already had trips created, those trips will be marked as suppressed and will no longer need to go and manually cancel individual trip tickets for day schedules already created.

Scheduling Note

Trip forms now toggle between displaying Client Note (in yellow shading) and the new Schedule Note (in green shading). This is handy for an agent to type in a note related to the scheduling of the particular trip or an explanation of changes made, who they talked to that cancelled, etc.. You can click on the top icon next to the bottom note section to toggle Client Note and press the bottom button to toggle Schedule Note.


Other Important Features:

  • Monthly Reports now use custom age groups.
  • Site maps now has an import tool that allows you to paste in ID (order), Latitudes and Longitudes to draw a shape.
  • Site constraints now may be selected by zone, making it easier to select many related sites at once. Make sure to toggle the feature ON by pressing the button first before you start selecting the sites.
  • Frequent Addresses and Client without Trips reports in Utility now have Export to excel.
  • Rides Analyzer now has search to help find fields to display.
  • A new field is available on the Trip Form, called Amount Paid. This can be used to record a difference between the Fare and the amount that was actually collected.
  • MDTHost now allows drivers to log in to a specified route.
  • Refresh and Threading improvements should improve speed and stability.

Easy Rides 3.2.4

Released 9/24/2012

Easy Rides Release 3.2 Release 4 has a number of new features. Primary among them are:

Custom ‘Trip Note’ colors.

You can now configure additional colors to highlight trips on the dispatch board, and assign each color a label to remind staff the ‘meaning’ of each color. Clients can have default trip colors set in the client form. This feature is enabled from Easy Rides Utility under Admin->Alphabetical->Trip Note Color. If no trip note colors are configured, the standard Red, Blue Black and Green colors will be available by default.

Custom Colors

Provider and Funders indicators.

In addition to custom colors for trips. You can also give funders and providers a color. Funder colors are drawn as a dashed line on the left edge of a trip ticket, provider colors show as a colored border around a trip ticket. Both Funder and Provider colors can be configured in the Easy Rides Utility.

Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 4.00.07 PM

Route Validation in Route Headings.

Route headings will show an exclamation mark if a route has trips scheduled too early or too late for that route. Hovering over the route will tell you what the validation error is. More validations are likely to be added in future releases.


Trip Audit

This optional feature allows for logging of every change to a trip ticket and easily changing a trip ticket back to a previous state. Talk with Mobilitat Staff for details on how to enable and use this feature if you need a detailed log of all trip ticket changes.

Trip Audit Clip

Other Important Features:

  • Ride Reminder automated calls now use a less expensive phone provider, and add the option for service messages to be easily customized.
  • Edit archived (delivered) trips tool in ER Utility, has improved sorting options and an added Stops Based mode for calculating time between each stop.
  • Monthly Reports now sort inactive list items to the bottom of drop-downs and displays them in grey to make it easier to distinguish active from inactive options.
  • Route Notes: The ability to add a note to a route, visible when hovering over a route heading.

Minor additions and changes:

  • Update for Medicaid and ANSI 5010 formats.
  • Corrected sorting of Funders and Providers in certain drop-down lists.
  • Improved the robustness of MapClip integration.
  • Dispatch board refresh improvements.
  • Improved validation for duplicate clients.
  • Longer names supported on client form
  • Improved handling of driver statuses (Revenue,/Non Revenue, End Service etc).
  • Improved trip selection for Subset Optimize feature.
  • Trip form now has tooltip for showing SSN and medical ID over client name
  • Update to auto scheduling tools.
  • Bulletin board improvements.
  • Print manifest now includes Sent Trips.