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Tablets are designed to Improve the Cost and efficiency of your transit fleet.

Our tablets will perform as the missing link that helps your fleet vehicles instantly communicate critical information resulting in a more streamlined operation and reduced operator costs. Created with easy to use in-vehicle task management, the Mobilitat units feature functional efficiency and flexibility that both drivers and dispatchers agree increases productivity.

Improves Vehicle Communications

  • The tablet will reduce both the radio and phone traffic in vehicles to simplify transit contact with dispatchers, making trips and communication more efficient and safer with less distractions.
  • Enable Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) that provides real-time status, location and speed information for drivers and dispatchers using a GPS signal.
  • Mobilitat tablets will work with integrated voice response (IVR) systems. The Resulting benefit is a reduced workload, reduced dispatcher call outs and automatic communications to riders that their vehicle is on time.
  • Quickly notify dispatch of any emergencies with alert messages as well as provide drivers with alerts as needed.

Reduces Workload and The Work Processes

  • Enable dispatching to make live schedule changes and update manifests keeping drivers on track.
  • Automate fare collections, allow signatures, eliminate cash transactions and simplify accounting with secure, versatile payment processing options.
  • Transit agencies can Go paperless and/or decrease manual data entry and heavy reliance on dispatching staff to save administrative resources.

Provides Better Route Performance

  • The Mobilitat units will Display up-to-date maps that can deliver turn-by-turn voice directions to help drivers quickly reach their destination improving response times and lowering fuel consumption.
  • The unit is capable of: Automatic reporting of route history, vehicle location time stamps, rider details, fare payment for audits for convenient analysis options.

TransPro in Tacoma, WA recently integrated with Mobilitat’s mobile data tablet solution into their vehicle fleet to provide a low-cost and scalable system. Watch the video above to see their story.